VE.Net GMDSS panel

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VE-Net remote panel for use with Skylla 24/30-GMDSS and Skylla 24/50-GMDSS battery chargers.

The VE.Net GMDSS Panel is an essential component for maritime communication, ensuring safety and compliance with the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System. This advanced panel is designed to work seamlessly with Victron Energy's Skylla-TG GMDSS charger, providing real-time monitoring and vital data display. It offers a clear and user-friendly interface that displays the state of the charger and the connected battery bank, ensuring that all GMDSS requirements are met with reliability and efficiency.


Crafted with the high standards of quality synonymous with Victron Energy products, the VE.Net GMDSS Panel is not only robust but also offers flexibility in installation and operation. Its alarm settings come pre-set to meet standard regulations but can be reconfigured to suit specific needs. The panel's ability to remotely monitor the system ensures that all necessary information is accessible, no matter where the charger is located on the ship.


The VE.Net GMDSS Panel is equipped with an intuitive display that provides immediate access to all critical data and alarms, ensuring that any issues can be addressed promptly to maintain continuous safety at sea. The panel's enclosure is designed to withstand the harsh marine environment, and its dimensions are crafted to allow for easy integration into a ship's control room.


In addition to its primary functions, the VE.Net GMDSS Panel also comes with support and certification documents, including a Declaration of Conformity to VE.Net products and an ISO9001 certificate, affirming its quality and compliance with international standards. The panel is backed by Victron Energy's comprehensive product support, ensuring that assistance is readily available when needed.


Overall, the VE.Net GMDSS Panel represents a reliable and user-friendly solution for maritime communication needs, reflecting Victron Energy's commitment to innovation, quality, and safety.

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Dimensions: 120mm x Depth 40mm x Height 65mm

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