Copper Tube Terminals

Cable Size: 6mm2
Hole Size: 5mm (Pack of 2)
Sale price€0,61 EUR


Copper tubes and lugs are essential components in electrical systems, providing secure and durable connections. Copper tube terminals, often referred to as lugs, are manufactured from high-conductivity, seamless copper tubes, ensuring excellent electrical conductivity and mechanical strength. These terminals are designed to accommodate a wide range of cable sizes and are typically electro-tinned to resist corrosion and enhance conductivity. The bell-mouthed entry of the lugs facilitates easy cable insertion, while an inspection hole ensures correct cable placement. Suitable for temperatures up to 150°C, these lugs meet international standards such as BSEN61238-1/BS 4579 Part 1 for performance requirements. For applications requiring higher temperature capabilities, specialized options are available upon consultation with the manufacturer. Copper lugs are a reliable choice for creating robust electrical connections in various installations, from residential wiring to industrial power systems.

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