Victron Cyrix-ct Split Charge Relay - 120A - 12/24V

Victron EnergySKU: CYR010120011R

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The Victron Cyrix Split Charge is a highly intelligent battery combiner designed to efficiently manage the charging and isolation of multiple battery banks. Utilizing a microprocessor-controlled relay system, the Cyrix Split Charge ensures that batteries are automatically connected in parallel when one reaches a pre-set voltage, indicating it is being charged, and disconnected when the voltage drops below a certain level, signifying discharge. This smart system replaces traditional diode isolators with a virtually no voltage loss solution, allowing for the full output voltage of alternators or battery chargers to be utilized without the need for increase.


Available in models such as 120A, 230A, and 400A, the Cyrix Split Charge caters to a variety of power requirements and is suitable for both 12V and 24V systems. It features bidirectional voltage sensing and can supply power from both batteries, ensuring reliable operation even if one battery's voltage is too low to operate the Cyrix. In addition, the unit is equipped with protection against overheating, engaging only when safe and disengaging in the event of excessive contact temperature.


The Cyrix Split Charge also offers the convenience of a dual power supply and automatic system voltage detection, simplifying installation and operation. Its intelligent battery monitoring prevents unwanted switching due to short but high amperage loads, and it can prioritize the starter battery, allowing for parallel charging of accessory batteries when the starter battery reaches the connect voltage.


For emergency situations, the Cyrix Split Charge includes a Start Assist feature, enabling manual parallel connection of batteries with a push button or switch. This robust and versatile battery management solution is ideal for marine, automotive, and off-grid applications where efficient and reliable battery isolation and charging are paramount. The Victron Cyrix Split Charge is not just a component; it's a smart investment in the longevity and performance of your battery-powered systems.

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