Victron Filax 2 Transfer Switch 110V

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The Victron Filax 2 Transfer Switch is an essential component for ensuring the seamless operation of sensitive electrical equipment. Designed to switch loads, such as computers or modern entertainment systems, from one AC source to another, it operates with a priority source, typically mains, a generator, or shore power, and an alternate source, usually an inverter. What sets the Filax 2 apart is its ultra-fast switching time of less than 20 milliseconds, which allows for uninterrupted operation of connected devices. This is particularly crucial for applications where even a small interruption in power can result in data loss or equipment malfunction.


The Filax 2 is not intended for high power household equipment like washing machines or electric motors but is perfect for critical or sensitive loads. It comes in two models to accommodate different voltage and frequency requirements: 230V/50Hz-240V/60Hz and 110V/50Hz-120V/60Hz, with a maximum current of 16A. The unit features an open transition (break before make) transfer, ensuring that the load is normally supplied by the priority source and transferred to the alternate source if the priority source fails or falls outside the acceptable voltage or frequency range.


Installation of the Filax 2 is straightforward, requiring the input cables from the generator/mains, the inverter, and the output cables to the appliances to be connected according to the wiring diagram provided. For loads less than 850 Watts, wire bridges should be removed to ensure proper functioning. The frequency setting is adjustable via a jumper, catering to both 50Hz and 60Hz systems.


The Filax 2 is housed in an ABS enclosure with an IP65 protection category, making it suitable for a variety of environments. It operates within a temperature range of -20 to +50°C and can handle humidity levels up to 95%, non-condensing. The unit is also equipped with LED indicators for easy monitoring of the power source status and any faults.


In terms of safety and compliance, the Filax 2 adheres to stringent standards, including EN 60335-1, EN 60335-2-29 for safety, and various EN standards for emission and immunity, ensuring that it not only performs reliably but also safely integrates into any electrical system.


For those looking to maintain continuous operation of sensitive equipment, the Victron Filax 2 Transfer Switch offers a robust solution with its quick transfer times, ease of installation, and adherence to safety standards. Its design and functionality make it an ideal choice for a seamless power supply transition, providing peace of mind and protection for your critical devices.

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Dimensions: 120mm x 255mm x 75mm

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