Victron Cyrix-Li-load 12/24V-230A

Victron EnergySKU: CYR010230450

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The Victron Cyrix-Li-load is a highly intelligent battery combiner designed with cutting-edge microprocessor technology. It serves as an essential component in advanced battery management systems, particularly for LiFePO4 batteries. This robust relay automatically connects batteries in parallel when one reaches a pre-set voltage, indicating it is being charged, and disengages when the voltage drops below a certain level, signaling discharge. Its primary function is to prevent cell under-voltage, over-voltage, and over-temperature, ensuring the longevity and safety of your battery setup. The Cyrix-Li-load stands out for its ability to disengage when its control input becomes free-floating, a feature that protects against imminent cell under-voltage. Moreover, it has the capability to reengage after a short period if the battery voltage recovers, which is a sign that no other loads are connected to the battery. This intelligent relay is part of a second line of protection in a multi-tiered defense system that includes cell balancing and the VE.Bus BMS at its core. The Cyrix-Li-load is an indispensable tool for any sophisticated energy system, providing peace of mind with its automatic, responsive control and contributing to the overall efficiency and reliability of the power management process. With its low power consumption and the ability to reconnect after a brief delay, it's a smart choice for managing your battery's health and ensuring consistent power delivery. Whether you're setting up a solar energy system, managing a mobile power supply, or ensuring the reliability of a backup power system, the Victron Cyrix-Li-load offers the advanced control and protection your batteries need.

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