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    Tec7 Multigun Cartridge Gun with Adjustable Power Transmission

    The Tec7 cartridge multigun has adjustable power transmission from 12/1 for the clean application of light, flexible sealant. It is made of heavy duty materials for a long life and a treated steel rod with hanging hook. Ergonomically balanced for optimal relief of fingers and wrists and a rotating tube holder to position the nozzle in the right angle. Our Tec7 Cleaner is suitable for removing excess adhesive and silicone based products.

    • Adjustable power setting from 12/1 to 25/1
    • For light sealants and heavy adhesives in standard tube
    • Ergonomic lightweight design
    • Rotatable tube holder

    X-Tack7 Super Strong Adhesive is sold seperately from the Multigun.