SC4-100B - Solar Cable-4 Sq.Mm Black (100M/Roll)

Sale price€108,30 EUR


The Solar Cable-4 Sq.Mm is a high-quality, durable solution designed for the efficient transmission of photovoltaic power. With a conductor cross-sectional area of 4mm², it is capable of handling a nominal current of up to 55A at 60°C, making it suitable for a wide range of solar applications. The cable is manufactured to the European standard H1Z2Z2-K, ensuring compliance with rigorous safety and performance standards. Its flexible, stranded, tinned copper conductor provides excellent conductivity and flexibility for easy installation. The outer sheath is UV resistant, preventing degradation from sunlight exposure and ensuring a long service life. This cable is also resistant to a variety of environmental factors, including ammonia, ozone, mineral oil, and acid, which makes it a reliable choice for both indoor and outdoor installations. Its fire-resistance properties add an extra layer of safety to your solar setup. The Solar Cable-4 Sq.Mm is designed for direct burial, allowing for a more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing installation without the need for additional conduit. It is also halogen-free, reducing the risk of toxic gas emissions in the event of a fire. With a projected lifespan of 25 years, this solar cable is an investment in the longevity and reliability of your solar energy system. Whether you are setting up a new solar array or upgrading an existing one, the Solar Cable-4 Sq.Mm offers the performance and durability needed to ensure a stable and efficient energy supply.

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