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    Victron MPPT WireBox-XL MC4 (for MC4 models, h=216mm)

    The MPPT WireBox provides an extra level of safety, and is particularly useful if your MPPT Solar Charger is installed in a general access area. It covers all DC terminals, preventing accidental or inquisitive contact with terminal screws.

    There are various sizes available:
    MPPT WireBox-S 75-10/15
    MPPT WireBox-S 100-15
    MPPT WireBox-S 100-20
    MPPT WireBox-M 100-30/50 & 150/35
    MPPT WireBox-L Tr 150-45/60/70 & 250-60/70
    MPPT WireBox-XL Tr 150-85/100 & 250-85/100
    MPPT WireBox-XL Tr 150-85/100 & 250-85/100 VE.Can