Victron Lynx 1000A Shunt VE.CAN

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The Victron Lynx 1000A Shunt VE.CAN, part of the modular Lynx System, stands as a pinnacle of precision in battery monitoring systems. Designed to seamlessly integrate into the modular Lynx distribution system, this intelligent shunt offers a robust 1000A capacity, ensuring it can handle the demands of extensive energy systems. Its primary function is to provide accurate monitoring of your battery's state of charge, a crucial aspect for maintaining battery health and efficiency. The device features a space for a main system fuse, although the fuse itself is sold separately here, allowing for customization based on specific system requirements.


For ease of use, the Lynx Shunt VE.CAN communicates via the VE.CAN interface, which can be connected to a GX device such as the Cerbo GX, enabling detailed readouts and system management. The shunt's design includes both positive and negative busbars, with the negative side housing the shunt for battery monitoring. This setup not only simplifies the installation process but also enhances the safety and reliability of the electrical system it monitors.


Constructed with durability in mind, the Lynx Shunt VE.CAN is housed in an ABS enclosure, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of various environments, from marine to terrestrial applications. Its compact dimensions and lightweight design make it an unobtrusive addition to any setup. The shunt's operational temperature range of -40°C to +60°C attests to its resilience in extreme conditions, further solidifying its role as a dependable component in any power system.


In summary, the Victron Lynx 1000A Shunt VE.CAN is an essential tool for anyone looking to maintain an accurate and reliable check on their power system's health. Its integration capabilities, coupled with its robust construction and precise monitoring, make it a valuable asset for both novice and professional users alike.

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