VE.Direct to NMEA2000 Interface

Sale price€240,45 EUR


This NMEA2000 drop cable makes the BMV-700 information available to NMEA2000 networks. Battery information such as voltage, current and state of charge can be displayed on common purpose displays from other manufacturers which accept the NMEA2000 data being sent.

• The cable does not work with other VE.Direct products, such as Solar Chargers, Inverters, BMV-712 Smart or SmartShunt.

• When used in combination with a BMV-702 there is limited functionality with regards to the AUX function in the BMV: When used to measure starter battery voltage, that voltage will be transmitted to the NMEA2000 network. But when used to measure temperature and or mid-voltage, that data will not be transmitted on the NMEA2000 network.


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