DAS Energy Super Light Solar Energy Module 377mm

Size: 377 x 2035mm 120wp-FJB
Sale price€411,80 EUR


Features of Das Energy Solar Energy Panels-
  • Ultra-Lightweight 3.3kg/sqm
  •  Easy Installation-No metal subsystem needed.
  •  Patented Design- Increased longeviety
  •  Flexible  Bendable- Smallest bending diameter(2m)
  •  High Efficiency- Monocrystalline cells, no thin film
  • Higher Energy Yield- Based on multi - directional lense structure
  •  Extremely Weather Resistant- best stability and durability 
  • Costumized Solutions- Sizing as per requirement availble
  •  High Reliability

RJB = rear junction box FJB = front junction box

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