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    Samlex Multipurpose Converter


    A unique product; 1 product for 2 different applications. This Multi Purpose Converter is carrying a DC-DC voltage converter and 3-step 24Vdc-12Vdc batterycharger in one hand. The MPC-05 is having common ground for easy installation. In case the main battery( bank) is charged, automatically the 12Vdc service battery(bank) will be charged according to a real charge algorithm.  The MPC-05 is the best allround DC-converter with an excellent price performance ratio.

    ✓ Innovative product design
    ✓ ISO 9001-2015 certified
    ✓ Strict Quality Control


    • Advanced switchmode design
    • 24-12Vdc DC-DC converter
    • 3-STEP charge algortihm batterycharger
    • Easy selection charging programm by potentio meter
    • Compact and light weight
    • European product
    • 2 year warranty