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    Recom Solar Panels LYNX SERIES


    • HIGH EFFICIENCY- (22,86%) The N-TOPCon module has a strong power generation capacity per watt, which is reflected in its strong advantage in the cost of electricity and a substantial premium capacity.
    • No LID  & no risk LeTID - N-type module is a fundamental solution to the LID risk because there are no BO pairs for its phosphorus-doped substrate. After the LeTID test, N-TOPCon modules show no power loss.
    • Bifaciality- Lynx bifacial series have been widely applied in an ample amount of PV systems in the world with more than 10% power gain from the bifacial design compared to monofacial power plant (Bifaciality factor up to 80%)
    • 100% electroluminescence tested.
    • Positive Tolerence
    • Guaranteed mechanical resistance to severe weather conditions

    Upto 30 years