Fastensol 30-46Mm Black Universal Clamp - Alum 605-T5 & Ss

Euromotive Energy LtdSKU: F-UC-B -

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The Fastensol 30-46mm Black Universal Clamp is a versatile and robust solution for mounting solar panels. Crafted from high-quality Aluminium 605-T5 and stainless steel, this clamp is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use while providing a secure fit for panels ranging from 30 to 46mm in thickness. Its black finish not only adds a sleek appearance but also offers additional protection against the elements. The clamp's spring-loaded mechanism ensures a snug and reliable grip, making installation quick and hassle-free. Whether used as a mid or end clamp, its functionality can be easily adjusted by rotating the head 90 degrees, demonstrating its adaptability in various mounting scenarios. With a 10-year guarantee, the Fastensol Universal Clamp is a dependable choice for your solar panel mounting needs.

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