Fastensol 30Mm Black End Clamp - Aluminum 605-T5 And Ss

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The Fastensol 30mm Black End Clamp is a high-quality, durable solution designed for securing solar panels to mounting rails. Crafted from robust Aluminum 605-T5 and featuring stainless steel components, this clamp ensures a secure and stable fit for panels with a depth of 30mm. Its black color provides a sleek, unobtrusive look that blends seamlessly with most solar panel designs. The clamp is easy to install and is compatible with the Fastensol Rail system, making it a versatile choice for both pitched and flat roof installations. With a maximum slope capacity of 60 degrees and the ability to withstand wind loads of up to 60m/s and snow loads of 2.0kn/m², the Fastensol End Clamp is built to endure harsh weather conditions. The product comes with a 12-year durability warranty on the material and a 5-year warranty on the finish, ensuring long-term reliability and performance. Manufactured by Xiamen Fasten Solar Technology Co., Ltd, this end clamp meets MCS 012 certification standards, which attest to its quality and safety. The Fastensol 30mm Black End Clamp is an essential component for any solar panel installation, providing peace of mind that your solar panels will remain securely in place for years to come.

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