F-MNR400MM - Fastensol 400Mm Mini Rail - 2Pcs Screw - 2Pcs Rubber Pads

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The Fastensol 400mm Mini Rail is an essential component for securing solar panels in portrait orientation to trapezoidal sheet metal roofs. This robust rail system is designed to provide a reliable and durable mounting solution, ensuring that solar panels remain securely in place. Each mini rail measures 400mm in length, 30mm in width, and 30mm in height, providing a compact yet sturdy base for solar panel installation. The kit includes two pieces of the mini rail, along with two self-tapping screws for easy and secure attachment to the roof structure. Additionally, two rubber pads are provided to protect the metal roof surface from potential damage during installation. The Fastensol 400mm Mini Rail is noted for its ease of installation, as the holes are not pre-drilled, allowing for custom placement that best suits the specific roofing structure and solar panel configuration. This feature provides installers with the flexibility to optimize the mounting system for maximum efficiency and stability. It's important to note that this product is currently awaiting MCS certification and does not have an MCS code at this time. Despite this, the Fastensol 400mm Mini Rail remains a popular choice for installers looking for a reliable and adaptable solution for trapezoidal metal roof installations.

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