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    Anderson Connectors

    Range of Anderson Power Connectors from 120 amps up to 450 amps.

    • Mechanical keyed colour coded housings to prevent accidental mating of components operating at different voltages
    • Single-piece housing and unitized construction which provides industrial qualtity and durability
    • Genderless design which makes assembly quick and easy
    • Flat wiping contact system which allows for minimal contact resistance at high current
    • Silver plated contacts that offer greater longevity when using high power, elevated temperature applications

    Recommended Voltage Key Colour Code:

    YELLOW = 12v

    ORANGE = 18v

    RED = 24v

    GREY = 36v

    BLUE = 48v

    GREEN = 72v

    BLACK = 80v

    BROWN = 96v

    PURPLE = 120v

    WHITE = 144v