TriangleSupport w/Adj Angle 10°-15° For Solar Panel

Sale price€53,99 EUR


The TriangleSupport with Adjustable Angle is a premium mounting solution designed for solar panels, offering a versatile range of angles from 10° to 15°. This robust support system is engineered to accommodate various installation environments, whether it be on flat roofs, ground mounts, or wall-mounted setups. Constructed from high-grade anodized aluminum, the TriangleSupport ensures durability and resistance against corrosive elements, making it an ideal choice for outdoor applications. The adjustability feature allows for optimal positioning of the solar panels, ensuring maximum exposure to sunlight and efficient energy capture. With a straightforward installation process, this support frame is a practical choice for both residential and commercial solar panel setups. It's a reliable component that promises longevity and performance, contributing to a sustainable and cost-effective solar energy solution.

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