Adjustable Rear Leg (H420-700Mm/15°-30°) For Solar Panel

Sale price€131,61 EUR


The Adjustable Rear Leg (H420-700mm/15°-30°) is a versatile and essential component for solar panel installations, offering flexibility and durability. Designed to accommodate various inclinations, this adjustable leg ensures that solar panels can be positioned at optimal angles between 15° and 30°, maximizing exposure to sunlight and enhancing energy efficiency. Constructed with high-grade materials, it provides a stable and robust support structure for solar panels, ensuring they remain secure in diverse environmental conditions. The height adjustability from 420mm to 700mm allows for compatibility with different solar panel sizes and types, making it a universal solution for both residential and commercial solar systems. Its ease of installation and adjustment simplifies the setup process, reducing labor time and costs. This product is a testament to Euromotive Energy's commitment to providing innovative and reliable solar energy solutions. 

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